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Frequently Asked Questions about Focal Therapy

By February 21, 2024No Comments2 min read

Introduction: Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer for men with an incidence of approximately 1 in 8 men in US. There have been great advances in the treatment of localized prostate cancer which has led to an exciting new treatment called focal therapy.

Q: What is focal therapy?
A: The current standard treatment for localized prostate cancer is to treat the entire prostate. However, that can lead to unwanted side effects including impotence and incontinence. With the latest advancements in imaging, fusion biopsies and genomic profiling, we are now able to identify the specific regions in the prostate with cancer. Focal therapy is when only these cancerous portions of the prostate are treated. By preserving the normal parts of the prostate, the side effects may be significantly reduced.

Q: How do you perform focal therapy for prostate cancer?
A: There are several techniques for focal therapy but at PCIA, we specifically perform focal brachytherapy by implanting radioactive seeds in only the cancerous portion of the prostate gland. By incorporating advanced imaging modalities into brachytherapy planning we are able to precisely implant the radioactive seeds directly in the tumor and spare the normal prostate. In my experience with treating only a portion of the gland, the men have virtually no symptoms with focal brachytherapy.

Q: Who is a candidate for focal therapy?
A: Focal therapy is an area of development. Ideal candidates have only a small amount of cancer identified on prostate biopsy These men are highly motivated to preserve their sexual and urinary function and therefore willing to risk the possibility that the cancer could return in the other untreated parts of the prostate. Therefore, these men have to be monitored very closely with frequent checkups.

Prostate cancer treatment can often be more harmful than the disease. Focal brachytherapy offers less side effects and may be a more desirable treatment option. Find out to see if you are eligible for focal brachytherapy.

Prostate Cancer Institute of Arizona

We place people over profit to drive radical change in the treatment of prostate cancer using the most advanced techniques in prostate brachytherapy that give the best outcomes to patients.

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